All the Best Photos From Kim Kardashian & North West's Whirlwind Trip Through Paris

This past week was an insane time to be in Paris, France. Not only was Haute Couture Week in full swing, but the Kardashians were making headlines with every step they took. From fashion shows to lavish mother-daughter dates, the Kardashians know how to make a Paris trip an even more memorable experience.

As we said, Haute Couture Week was going on this past week in the fashion world, marking a time in Fashion Week when some of the top fashion houses unveil their new couture looks for the world to see. Kim Kardashian ended up walking down the runway for Balenciaga alongside Nicole Kidman and Dua Lipa. And who was there to cheer her on? None other than her iconic daughter North West.

Their whirlwind trip didn’t end there, though. They ended up going to so many fashion shows during their trip (and even twinning with super-edgy looks!) Not only that, but they even rented out The Louvre Museum for a night so they could wander all by themselves.

While the trip seemed super fun, it’s clear that North has picked up her father Kanye West’s blunt confrontation skills because she had no time for the paparazzi. Despite the trials, their trip seemed like an amazing time.

See the best photos from Kim and North’s Paris trip below.

Iconic Outfits

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Kim Kardashian couldn’t help but post photos of her and North’s red carpet walks throughout their Paris trip. Fans and friends alike couldn’t get over their iconic style (and neither can we, to be honest).

Adventure in the Louvre

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Kim Kardashian posted a series of photos on Instagram titled, “North takes Paris” and it is honestly so sweet. We see some pictures of them when they rented out the Louvre to explore the legendary gallery, North smiling backstage, and funny car adventures.

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