Adele sold out her Hyde Park shows in seconds and the internet is furious

Written by Amy Beecham

Adele announced two London shows for 2022 and the internet well and truly lost its mind trying to get tickets.

Despite releasing her first new single in six years and giving us all trench coat envy in the music video for Easy On Me earlier this month, it appears Adele wasn’t content with already supplying us with enough excitement to last a lifetime. Oh no.

The singer announced this week that she would be returning to home soil in July 2022 for two nights as part of the yearly Hyde Park BST music event. And, of course, everyone went wild at the news.

Pre-sale tickets became availableearlier this week, but it was just this morning (30 October) that the true frenzy started as the tickets went on general sale to the public – and unsurprisingly sold out in a matter of minutes.

So it’s safe to say that tensions were running high on the internet, with some reports suggesting that over 1.3 million people attempted to buy tickets.

The stakes were intense for a lot of hopeful fans after such a long wait

But first, they’d have to tackle technical issues and digital queues against thousands of others, patiently refreshing the page until that one golden moment.

It wasn’t easy, but some fans were jubilant

Many, sadly, were left disappointed, despite their sacrifices.

The price of the tickets, which started at £90 had already raised eyebrows earlier in the week, and many fans complained about the anguish of getting to the front of the virtual queue only to find that there were no tickets left.

“If I was in the queue at number 5000 and Hyde Park has a capacity for 50,000, how did I not get a ticket?” one tweeted.

But even in defeat, one user managed to share a sombre message of solidarity:

What a wild ride, indeed.

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