49 Photos That Will Permanently Mess Up Your Brain


2.This tongue:

3.This “nose ring”:

4.These extra lashes:

5.This freakin’ gross apple:

6.This lil’ napping spot:


8.This perm job:

9.This desperate measure:

10.This scene that belongs in a horror movie:

11.This one too, tbh:

12.This poor parakeet:

13.This veiny AF tuber:

14.These scissors:

15.This thing you should absolutely NOT do with your belly button:

16.This phone case from hell:

17.This poor dog:

18.This salad from hell:

19.These “shoes”:

20.This prank:

21.These nails:

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Fingers 3.0

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22.These touching eyeballs:


24.This skin sitch:

25.This…honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this:

26.This sideburn:

27.This cat-astrophe:

28.This snail and its houseplant?

29.This ear trick:

30.This orange slice and its embryo, I guess:

31.Banana poker:

32.This toe hold:

33.This chubby bunny:

34.This imposter:

35.This scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: At The World’s End:

36.This dog in pantyhose:

37.This very nekkid creature:

38.This morning coffee gone wrong:

39.This standup sandwich:

40.This rather public bathroom:

41.This unfortunate hive spot:

42.This honestly ingenious hair hack:

43.This faceoff:

44.These clothed branches:

45.This smushed seal:

46.This unexpected pocket:

47.This mosquito hang:

48.This enterprising elephant:

49.And finally, this most cursed image of all.

This post was translated from German.

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