29 Silly Products To Help Cheer You Up When Life Is Just Too Dreary

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1.A pair of hand puppet dish gloves because that caked-on pasta sauce isn’t gonna scrape itself, but that doesn’t mean you should have to do it all alone. Throw these funny buds in the suds and doing the dishes will be, dare I say, delightful!

Get it from Animi Causa for $16.99.

5.A pack of three flamingo cup floats so you can drink in some relaxation (or at least, a drink) with a brilliantly witty solution and have your next bath or trip to the pool be anything but basic.

Get it from Firebox for $12.99.

17.Or an inflatable tube guy costume so you can sport your favorite wacky wardrobe everywhere you go. Or, you know, just have the best Halloween costume ever.

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