19 Reasons Why Millennials Are, Without A Doubt, The Toughest People Alive

Don’t think millennials are tough? Well, how else did they survive…

1.The LAVA HOT surface of a playground slide:

2.Getting impaled by a LEGO in the comfort of their own home:

3.Taking a pedal right to the most sensitive part of the ankle:

4.Getting absolutely demolished by a scooter:

5.Almost needing fingers amputated in gym class:

6.Nearly suffering season ending ankle injuries every time after playing on one of these:

7.Or wearing these:

8.Getting a piece of hair caught in this abomination’s mouth and having it keep gobbling it up:

9.Smooshing their fingers under the weight of this 4 ton TV:

10.Sustaining fourth degree burns from a “toy” oven:

11.Wacking their ankle with a Skip-It:

12.Stepping on one of these…


14.Or, heaven forbid, stepping on one of these:

15.Getting their hair trapped in one of these slides and somehow not getting scalped:

16.Leaving permanent dents in their fingertips to try to check how much juice was left in these batteries:

17.Getting hit in the head with a bopper that was a liiiiittle too deflated:

18.Wacking themselves in the face with one of these in gym class:

19.And getting their foot caught under one of these at grandma’s house:

How’d they do it? Because they’re the toughest people alive.

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