17 Words You Probably Think You're Pronouncing Correctly

There are a ton of words in the English language that we learn first by reading, and second by saying them out loud.

And when we do finally get around to saying them out loud for the first time, we often completely BUTCHER their pronunciations.

Last week, a Twitter user asked everyone to share their best examples of words they had been mispronouncing, and people’s answers were pretty hilarious.

Mine was “weapon,” which I pronounced as “Weep-on.” Thank you, Ms. Greene for not making a huge scene out of your correction.

1.Epitome: “Epi-tome.”

2.Vagina: “Va-(hard g)ee-nah.”

3.Prima donnas: “Pre-madonnas.”

4.Homeowner: “Ho-meow-ner.”

5.Banal: “Bay-nal.”

6.Faux: “Fawx.”

7.Chick-fil-A: “Chick Filla.”

8.Fatigue: “Fatty-goo-wee.”

9.Hors d’oeuvres: “Horse doovers.”

10.Debut: “Dee-Butt.”

11.Facade: “Fa-kade.”

12.Meme: “Me-me.”

13.Hermione: “Her-me-own.”

14.GIF: “G(hard G)-iff.”

Take this poll to see where you stand on GIF’s pronunciation.

15.Deaf: “Deef.”

16.Touchè: “Touchy.”

17.Albeit: “All-bite.”

And by the way, there’s no shame in mispronouncing a word. As one person reminds us, it likely means you at least read it somewhere!

What’s your favorite “read-it-never-said-it”?

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