17 Before-And-After Pictures That Prove Just How Strong Shelter Dogs Are

1.After getting adopted, this lil’ fluffernug went from sad and matted to happy and LOVED!!!!!!

2.At first, this pup was shy and hid behind furniture — but now he’s a proud graduate!!! CONGRATS, GRAD!!!!!!!

3.This cyootie was scared and angry, but now she’s a goddess of both tree and trail!!!

4.Sad ears went to perked, happy ears!!!!!

5.This sweet dogini got her fur back!!!!!! ???

6.This sweetums got a lil’ trim to spice things up!!!!!!

7.This ~sesame seed beagle~ went from not letting anyone pet her to being the ultimate cuddle bug!!!

8.This angel bb DRIED ? OFF ? and GLOWED ? UP!!!!!!! ?

9.This lil’ one’s skin healed and she was able to get comfy and cozy!!!


11.These two showed off their forever home’s fancy tile floors and their new dashing haircuts!!!!!!

12.Nothing says “I love my new family” more than sporting a stylish cookie bowtie!!!

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13.From sad, lonely eyes to those ~classiqué~ Puppy Dog Eyes™!!!!!!!!

14.JUST LOOK AT THESE TWO ON THEIR FREEDOM RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15.From a cage at an adoption event to sharing a king-sized bed with her hooman!!!!!! You love to see it!!!

16.This babers was once untrusting, but NOW HE LUBS MEETING NEW FRENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17.And finally, just THIS!!!!!!

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