15 Tweets For Anyone Having A Rough Day, Week, Month, Or Year

1.This face that absolutely deserves to be sticking out of a fence hole:

2.This person who fought hard and won:

3.This beautiful, and historic, encounter:

4.This toddler who has an optimistic attitude:

5.This person who was able to reunite with the man who made a positive impact in their childhood:

6.This person who wasn’t about to let a kitty lose one of its nine lives:

7.This dad who knew what his daughter wanted most:

8.This dog dad who just wants the best for their child:

9.This boyfriend who didn’t let a little alcohol ruin his judgement:

10.These heartwarming exchanges:

11.These volunteers who made a real difference:

12.These Waffle House employees who deserve it all:

13.This grandpa who wanted to be a good subject:

14.This stadium who honored their #1 fan the best way they knew how:

15.And finally, this loving dad:

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