15 Really Bizarre Tweets Presented With Very, Very Minimal Context

1.WTF is this?!

2.Who was like, “Let’s make a Furby aquarium at this Thai restaurant!”???????

3.I just…….how does one get into this hobby?

4.This post-salon mango pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6.These Toad Texts™:

7.This couple just, uh…….going over some paperwork:

8.*cues Aretha*

9.What sparked this frog confrontation?

10.This Peppa Pig makeup tutorial leaves me both confused and inspired:

11.This Cheez-It-fueled love story:

12.This genius-yet-bizarre life hack:

13.Sprinkler Emu™:

14.Like wow………the preparation, the execution, the PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!

15.And lastly, this ~KWEEN~:

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