15 Dating Fails From This Year That’ll Have You Gasping

1.This girl who deserves an A for effort:

2.This guy who learned the dangers of copying and pasting:

3.This person who might be looking for a new boyfriend:

4.This dude who made the remix nobody asked for:

5.This guy who just betrayed his own joke:

6.This guy who had to think fast:

7.This person who made an honest mistake:

8.This person who wasted no time at all:

9.This girl who *probably* doesn’t watch The Office:

10.This person who honestly walked right into this one:

11.This person who paid dearly for a tiny mistake:

12.This person who proved why, sometimes, ignorance is bliss:

13.This person who wasn’t even friend-zoned:

14.This person who probably should’ve been more specific:

15.Finally, this person who totally deserved better:

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