What Twitter Is Saying About Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial

As Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial gets underway, Twitter is buzzing as Americans watch the live coverage from home on Feb. 9, 2021. Lead House Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin kicked off the proceedings, stating that their argument for impeachment is “based on cold, hard facts” and claimed Trump’s lawyers are trying to “stop the Senate from hearing the facts of this case,” per CNN. However, in an effort to make sure no details are left behind, Raskin presented a video summarizing the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, highlighting the violence and Trump’s involvement, which many Twitter users found to be convincing enough to rule on Trump’s impeachment.

“Rep Raskin’s opening video is more than enough to convict trump, on its own,” one person tweeted. “This video that opened Trump’s impeachment trial is as much an indictment of Trump’s role in inciting the riot on the Capitol, as it is an indictment of the Republicans who took part in spreading the big lie & who objected to certifying the EC votes that day. #ConvictTrump,” another added. “Still can’t believe this trial wasn’t over just after that video,” someone else said.

Asides from the triggering imagery, it was Raskin’s remarks that followed that hit home for many viewers, with him breaking down as he recalled the horrific day he will “never forget,” per AP News, adding, “This can’t be the future of America.” Keep scrolling to see what people are saying on Twitter about Raskin’s remarks.

Jamie Raskin received praise while Donald Trump's lawyers faced criticism

Twitter users were moved by Rep. Jamie Raskin’s personal anecdote recalling the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots, with one person tweeting, “@RepRaskin you Sir, broke my heart. I could feel your fear, worry, hurt & your disappointment through your words. I pray those in that chamber could feel it as well. If I was able to hug you, I would & tell you I’m proud of you that you have & showed your heart. #ConvictTrump.” Another person added, “Thank you @RepRaskin! Your presentation has shaken me to my soul. We must rid ourselves of this clear and present danger. Yes, the Senate must #ConvictTrump #VoteToConvict #VoteToConvictTrump.”

Raskin was a tough act to follow as Donald Trump’s defense team took the floor. Lawyer Bruce Castor spoke on Trump’s behalf, but people were quick to criticize his lengthy argument. “Trump’s lawyer either thinks he’s supposed to be filibustering the trial or he’s just always wanted to be a stand-up comedian… Does [Guinness] have a record for longest string of disconnected thoughts spoken to an audience? SMH #ImpeachmentTrial #ConvictTrump,” read one tweet.

Following Castor, lawyer David Schoen spoke in Trump’s defense, however, many pointed out his controversial past in which he represented several reprehensible figures — including the KKK. “#DavidSchoen has a lovely client list. I guess adding a corrupt ex-president who incited a riot on our Capitol only makes sense,” one person said. There is no telling what will go down in the Senate before the final ruling.

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