Wendy Williams Cries As She Confirms She’s Dating A Doctor On Show Return: I’m ‘Not On The Market’

Wendy Williams is officially off the market, she confirmed on her July 8 show, after a 5-week hiatus! And, it’s not Marc Tomblin, although she acknowledged the 27-year-old. Wendy admitted that while she really likes her muscular new man, she’s not in love!

Wendy Williams is a taken woman, but she’s “not in love,” she revealed on her big talk show return after a 5-week vacation on Monday! “I’m not on the market anymore… I’m not in love, but there’s someone I’m crazy about!”, Wendy, 54, said as she cried during her “Hot Topics” segment, which she made all about her personal life. Meanwhile, her audience — aka her “co-hosts,” as she calls them — cheered, “Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!”

While it was assumed she was referring to her new 27-year-old rumored boyfriend, Marc Tomblin, it turns out that the two are just friends. Wendy confirmed that although the paparazzi caught them running around New York City together, they’re just pals. “Listen, it’s not who you think! Mama doesn’t deal with children,” she said. “It just so happens, with my charm and whit, that I attract people of all ages.”

As for her new man, it turns out that Wendy’s boyfriend is much older than Marc. “When it comes time for the comfort of a man, I need sometime in their 50s too, and he’s got to work. And, it doesn’t’ hurt that he’s a doctor,” she continued, noting that she would not reveal his identity. “I am not going to say one more word. You’re not going to blow this for me.”

However, Wendy couldn’t help but tease more about the man she’s head over heels for. “Yes, he’s brown/black… And, you know when you’re 50 you can sometimes let it all go,” she gushed before implying that her new man is anything but a washed up 50-something. She then flexed her arm to show that her mystery beau has big muscles!

Wendy made headlines when she was spotted with Marc on numerous occasions in New York City during her show’s 5-week hiatus. They were photographed looking cozy on different dinner and shopping outings, which immediately sparked romance rumors. But, she explained that Marc has been a good friend to her as she continues to build her new life following her divorce, which led to her subsequent move to New York City.

Although Wendy is officially off the market, she’s still going through her divorce with estranged ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. The talk show host filed back in early April as Kevin, a former producer on The Wendy Williams Show, was accused of fathering a child with his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson. Wendy and Kevin share one son together, 18-year-old, Kevin Hunter Jr.

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