Watch Amanda Gorman's Hilarious Barack Obama Impression

It’s already been a big year for Amanda Gorman, and it’s not even February! The 22-year-old Poet Laureate performed her poem “The Hill We Climb” at Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day earlier this month and quickly became one of the event’s biggest standouts. 

She’s now appearing in The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s online segment “The Internet Needs to Know,” where she answers some burning questions, does impressions, and even raps a few lines from Hamilton

Naturally, the topic of Barack and Michelle Obama comes up as Gorman describes what it was like meeting the 44th president and first lady.

“They were so sweet. I just tapped them on the shoulder and I was like, ‘Hi, can we get a photo?'” she recalls of the epic pic of her and her mom with the Obamas. “They were like, ‘Yes! Let’s go.’ She was like, ‘Girl, get over here. Let’s get a hug.’ So yes, it was amazing.”

She then goes on to give a respectable Barack impression. 

“He’s like, ‘Ah Amanda, thanks for coming here. You did a good job!'” Gorman quips, attempting to impersonate the former commander-in-chief. 

She also shares that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and Oprah Winfrey are the most famous people to slide into her DMs following her poetry reading on Inauguration Day. 

“Oprah has given me so many good gems of advice over the past few weeks and months and the best advice she has given me is basically just to own myself and own my moment, to be sure about what I want and to kind of do my best in that role,” Gorman shares. “She was super supportive of me going to the inauguration even when I told her I was so nervous and I told her I’m not sure if I can do this. And she was like, ‘Ummmm, let’s rewind because you have been called to this moment.'”

Another special part of the day was getting to meet and hug Lady Gaga, who performed the national anthem at the event. 

“It was like being embraced by an angel. She was so sweet, and so talented and the hug the was genuine and we were both crying,” Gorman says. “It was just amazing. It was one of the top five hugs I’ve ever gotten.” 

If she were ever to be elected president, Gorman would choose Beyoncé and Billie Eilish to perform on her Inauguration Day. 

And when it comes to celebrity crushes, she’s got Spider-Man on the brain. 

“Celebrity crushes would be Tom Holland,” she dishes of the 24-year-old British actor, adding, “You don’t have time to go through the list of non-single men who are my celebrity crushes, so.”

Since her performance, Gorman has signed with IMG Models and will be part of the upcoming Super Bowl pregame show. For more with the poet, watch the clip below.

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