UFC Star Paddy Pimblett Says Jordan Leavitt's Going To Sleep Round 1

“[Jordan Leavitt] doesn’t really present any challenges, to be honest, lad. There’s levels to this and I’ll prove that when I get in there with him and knock him out in the first round.”

That’s Paddy Pimblett absolutely violating his UFC Fight Night opponent … flat out saying 27-year-old Leavitt, who has lost just once in his MMA career, doesn’t present a single threat to him in the Octagon.

Paddy, 18-3, is fighting Jordan, 10-1, Saturday at the O2 Arena in London … which happens to be Pimblett’s home.

We asked Paddy The Baddy if he felt Leavitt had the advantage anywhere. Anywhere.

“No. I have better wrestling, better jiu-jitsu, better striking. You literally cannot beat me anywhere. People think he has good grappling and he hasn’t. He’s not very good at all.”

Another advantage Paddy may have … the fight’s in Pimblett’s backyard.

In fact, the UFC star says he’s received “hundreds” of ticket requests from friends and family.

Might there be added pressure fighting at home?

Paddy says no way.

“Nope. Nope. No point in being nervous, lad. It really isn’t, because I know I’m gonna get in there and beat him up!”

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