U.S. Track Star Christian Coleman Says Tyreek Hill's 60M Race Impressive, But Not Elite

Tyreek Hill‘s very fast … for a football player, according to U.S. track star Christian Coleman who tells us Cheetah’s 60-meter run was “impressive,” but not world-class.

27-year-old Coleman — the fastest man to ever run the 60m (6.34 seconds) — joined Babcock on the TMZ Sports TV show (airs weekdays on FS1) … and was asked for a scouting report on 29-year-old Hill’s performance at the USA Track Masters Indoor Championship event in Louisville, KY on Saturday.

“In my opinion it was impressive. Major respect for getting out there and actually running,” Coleman said, adding … “I would say for a season opener, 6.70, I don’t know when’s the last time he actually ran. So, it’s pretty impressive to me.”

As you can see, Hill easily won the race, though Tyreek wasn’t running against elite racers, and that was clear. Ty DUSTED them.

Terrell Owens Races Tyreek Hill, Clocks Blazing 4.4 in 40 Yard Dash!!!

Terrell Owens Races Tyreek Hill, Clocks Blazing 4.4 in 40 Yard Dash!!!

“He knew what he was doing going to a masters event,” Coleman said. “Not going up against real pros who might have a chance to beat him.”

Tyreek’s not exactly a fish out of water on the track. He was a real deal track star in high school, winning 2 state titles as a sprinter. He was even named an All-American. Hill also competed for a spot on the U.S. Olympic team, finishing 6th in the 200-meter (20.14) at trials. But, that was 10+ years ago.

It’s also worth noting, while only 5’10”, Hill’s very stocky. Obviously, muscle is heavy, and carrying around weight makes running fast difficult.

tyreek hill

We asked Coleman, who set the 60m world record in 2018, what the Dolphin’s wide receiver’s ceiling would be if he were to concentrate solely on track.

“I think if he kept training and I think if he actually dedicated himself to lifting for track and set himself up to actually peak, I think he can go down to the 6.5 low range for sure.”

A respectable time … but Christian makes it clear, “I don’t think he’d ever be able to beat me.”

christian coleman

And, Coleman’s willing to prove it on the track. The former 2x world champion and former 100-meter king says he’s down to run against Cheetah, with proceeds going to charity.

“I would be up for the race. If I was him I wouldn’t take the race. I would love to maybe set something up, if we could do something for charity. I would be down for the race,” Christian said.

As for the distance … CC, who once ran a 4.12 40-yard dash — says Hill can pick.

“I would do any distance. We can go 10 meters, 40 yards, 60 meters, 100, 200. I like my odds.”

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