Tyler Perry to his friend Princess Meghan: Ive watched you endure things

It genuinely cracks me when the anti-Sussex people are salty for days at a time. That happened this weekend, when they could NOT accept the very idea that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have powerful friends and allies in America. Tyler Perry is one of Harry and Meghan’s most significant allies. I would argue that Perry saved their lives. Perry welcomed them to his Los Angeles home and gave them security when their royal protection got pulled and the pandemic was descending. For months in 2020, Perry kept that ring of security around them and gave them the space to find their home in Montecito and make their own security arrangements. Tyler Perry said: I got you. Then, on Friday, Tyler Perry wished Meghan a happy birthday:

— Tyler Perry (@tylerperry) August 5, 2022

So it’s not just that Tyler Perry helped Meghan and Harry when the royal family literally left them to die. It’s that Tyler Perry knows their story, knows how difficult it’s been for Meghan, that he can see how she’s been attacked and smeared and vilified and racially abused. And he still calls her Princess Meghan!! Which is her title, sort of. She’s Princess Henry, but hey.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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