Troy Aikman Could See Tom Brady Playing For Raiders In '23, 'Nothing's Off The Table'

Now under center for the Las Vegas Raiders … Tom Brady?!?

Troy Aikman tells TMZ Sports he could imagine a scenario in 2023 where that situation is a very real thing … saying he wouldn’t put it past Brady to suit up for the team he’s about to be a part owner of.

“I don’t want speak for Tom,” the Dallas Cowboys legend told Babcock, but “I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

Tom Brady Reaches Deal To Become Part Owner Of Las Vegas Raiders

Tom Brady Reaches Deal To Become Part Owner Of Las Vegas Raiders

Aikman’s reasoning is simple … he says because of the way Brady keeps himself in shape — and his great relationship with head coach Josh McDaniels — he could see it all happening.

Plus, Brady owning a piece of the team wouldn’t hurt the chances, either.

“I would bet that just nothing is off the table,” Aikman said, “as far as what may occur during the season or what Tom’s role may be.”

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Of course, the Raiders already have Jimmy Garoppolo signed to a big contract … and Aikman said he strongly believes Brady is “done playing.”

“But,” the Hall of Famer added, “you just never know.”

Aikman also spoke with us about Aaron Rodgers‘ move to New York … and he said he thinks the change of scenery from Green Bay could really impact the quarterback positively.

He also said he’s stoked to be able to broadcast Rodgers’ first-ever game as a Jet when NY takes on Buffalo during the NFL’s season-opening “Monday Night Football” matchup in September.

“Every network wanted that game, every network wanted Aaron Rodgers,” he said. “We got him right out of the box.”

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