Trent Reznor Recalls Early Impact Of David Bowie

Trent Reznor, the lead vocalist of rock band Nine Inch Nails, reminisced about the impact of David Bowie on his career.

Speaking to Consequence of Sound, Reznor recalled the early impact Bowie had on him.

“I think in terms of chronology, it was the Scary Monsters album that I became aware of Bowie’s music. None of my friends were super-big Bowie fans. But there was something about Scary Monsters,” Reznor said. “I think it was the Columbia Record Club. I didn’t mail the card back, so the record showed up. I had to spend $8.98 on the album. And in those days, you listened to what you got. I had 20 albums. I’m gonna listen to it whether I like it or not. But it really struck a nerve with whoever I was at that time, and this cold, alien … it really resonated.”

“As Nine Inch Nails was birthed, I found myself in the role of starting to accumulate an audience and feeling the weird pressures of someone who didn’t have any money. I was worried about how to pay the $30 gas bill and eating peanut butter for a week. And then suddenly, because I made an album I really liked, I could pay the gas bill,” he added. “It creeps its way in in various ways. So, I would turn back to the idea of Bowie and think for a minute: ‘F**k, that’s what being an artist is.’ So, there was that kind of influence from a distance, a fan level, aside from the music emotionally connecting with me.”

Reznor performed during the virtual David Bowie tribute concert, “A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day!” on Friday

The concert hosted by Bowie’s bandmate Mike Garson marked what would have been the late artist’s 74th birthday.

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