Tina Turner had ‘a terrible life’ but just ‘kept going’

Tina Turner is putting her past behind her.

“I had a terrible life,” Turner, 79, told the New York Times. “I just kept going. You just keep going, and you hope that something will come.”

Gesturing to her extravagant home in Switzerland, Chateau Algonquin, she added, “This came.”

Turner, now married to Erwin Bach, was previously in an abusive relationship with her former singing partner, the late Ike Turner.

While the “Proud Mary” singer does not regret their relationship or spending more than 50 years performing, Tina is finally enjoying retirement and has no plans on jumping back into her music career.

“I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t dress up,” she said.

The superstar added that she had to start living a little selfishly as she had always lived to please other people.

“I was just tired of singing and making everybody happy,” she said. “That’s all I’d ever done in my life.”

And as for the hard times with Ike, she told the Times, “I don’t know if I could ever forgive all that Ike ever did to me,” but “Ike’s dead. So we don’t have to worry about him.”

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