‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Mean Green Breakfast Scramble

The Pioneer Woman made a breakfast full of greens. Here’s how to make Ree Drummond’s mean green breakfast scramble.

Ree Drummond’s mean green breakfast scramble

Drummond says she loves breakfast food and enjoys a quick breakfast scramble. She decided to make what she calls a mean green breakfast scramble. Drummond says everything green that she could come up with is in this dish. She decided to go heavy on the vegetables for this dish.

Drummond starts by putting butter in a non-stick skillet. She says it is “essential” to use a non-stick skillet whenever you make a scramble. Drummond describes a scramble as “a lazy way to make an omelet.” She jokes that she makes a lot of scrambles. She adds a mix of greens to a skillet with butter (Swiss chard, spinach, and kale). Drummond says she tries to get the cooking process going with the greens, so they don’t go raw into the eggs. She says it’s OK to put raw vegetables into the eggs, but she prefers to cook them because she likes the “pop” of the green color when she starts cooking the scramble.

Preparing the breakfast scramble

Next, Drummond adds salt, pepper, jalapenos, and sliced green onions, and lets the greens cook for about a minute. She makes sure the heat stays on the low setting. Then, Drummond places six eggs in a bowl. She seasons them with salt, pepper, and pesto. She tells home cooks that if they’re going to add pesto to eggs, they should use a healthy amount. “If you’re going to add pesto to eggs, add pesto to eggs, please,” she emphasizes during her segment on The Pioneer Woman show. She says she wanted to turn the egg mixture green, and pesto was the best way to do this.

Next, Drummond pours the egg mixture into the greens and turns the heat up just a little. She makes sure the heat isn’t too high so that the eggs and greens won’t burn. “I have such a low tolerance for any sort of burned eggs or eggs that turn brown, so I always have the heat on pretty low whenever I’m making scrambled eggs,” says Drummond. “The only thing that you need to do is allow yourself a little time to cook it. You don’t want to pour it into a sizzing pan and just do a really quick cook. Basically, you want it to set against the bottom of the pan and kind of stir and scrape a little, and then let it set and then stir.”

Drummond uses a rubber spatula to scrape the green mixture as it cooks. This way, it won’t get stuck to the side of the pan. After this step, Drummond adds the cheese. She adds Monterey Jack cheese, but she says Pepper Jack or Swiss cheese is also another great addition. Once the cheese is added to the skillet, Drummond folds the eggs over the cheese.

Putting the finishing touches on the breakfast scramble

For the next step, Drummond places two tomatoes on a plate. She says they are like a “bed” for the green eggs. Then she places a few scoops of the eggs on top of the tomatoes. Drummond says you can also bury the tomatoes under the eggs. “Another thing you can do is put the tomatoes on the plate and just completely cover them up with the eggs. And then, as you slice in and eat the eggs, you’ll have this little surprise tomato underneath.” Drummond tops the eggs with chives. You can find the complete ingredients and directions here.

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