The First Major Drama of 2022 Is Between a Bunch of Disney Adults on TikTok

Of all the Main Characters on the internet, there is perhaps no creature that merits more opprobrium, more rank disgust, than the Disney Adult. Characterized by their omnipresent enthusiasm, rose-gold Minnie Mouse ears, and gum-baring grins while posing for selfies in front of Cinderella’s Castle, Disney Adults are grown people who are deeply obsessed with all things Disney culture, from the theme parks to the movies to the merch. They get married at the Wedding Pavilion by Mickey and Minnie. They post photos of their Dole Whips outside of the Tiki Room. And they never, ever, are willing to cop to the mere historical possibility that Walt Disney may not have been crazy about Jews.

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On TikTok, a minor battle has been waging between Disney Adults and actual Disney cast members, the term the company uses for those who staff the parks. Cast members who play characters in the parks are encouraged to never, ever break character, and some vloggers have built their content around trying to get them to do so. One video featuring a content creator attempting to get a performer playing Captain Marvel to say “gay rights,” for instance, went viral last year; another creator on TikTok went viral for standing in line for hours at a Universal Christmas event before asking the Grinch if he would be his “baby daddy.” Some creators don’t necessarily try to goad performers into saying outrageous things about camera, but center their entire channels around their interactions with performers, such as flirting with Disney princesses.

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