Susanna Reid reacts after fan sends her explicit image

Susanna Reid, 52, was bemused to see that a fan seemed to have become excited in response to her discussing the peak viewing figures the show had enjoyed this week. The presenter urged the over-enthusiastic Twitter user not to post nude snaps in future.

She had been thanking “all the wonderful viewers who tuned into @gmb yesterday”, praising that the audience “peaked at more than one million”.

The TV host continued to her 906,000 followers: “Back tomorrow with @edballs and another packed show.”

However, her tweet was interrupted by a random picture message of a very messy bedroom and a totally nude male, alongside the words “ding dong”.

Susanna fired back: “Barry, I think it’s probably a good idea not to tweet this!”

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The unprovoked picture message came the same day that Susanna announced she’d had a dramatic wardrobe malfunction, leaving co-star Ed Balls to try to unzip her.

One of her wardrobe choices, a checked dress, had to be banished as producers felt it blended in too much with the backdrop of a pale pink morning skyline.

The next outfit turned out to be problematic as well, as it was considered too low-cut for GMB.

Counting down against the clock to fix her fashion selection before going on air, Susanna had what she described afterwards as a last-minute “wardrobe crisis” – but it was quickly solved with the help of Ed.

Her cleavage-baring red dress had to be pinned together with the help of a brooch.

Ed embarrassed her when the show kicked off by quipping: “It’s amazing what you can do, in terms of activity in an outfit, and still manage to emerge serene!”

She chuckled: “What are you referring to?” only for Ed to point to her dress, without skipping a beat.

“Oh yeah, I had a bit of an outfit, wardrobe crisis this morning,” Susanna admitted, taking up the story.

“I put on an outfit on that seemed to blend into the background, so the director, with two minutes to spare, said, ‘Is there anything else in your wardrobe?'”

She continued: “At two minutes to six, [I] nipped into the wardrobe, found this [and] didn’t realise it needed a bit more buttoning up.”

Ed joked in response: “I’ve never ever read a news headline from the autocue while simultaneously trying to unzip you from the back [before]!”

He joked that there’d been a “team of eight” to fix her sudden wardrobe malfunction, but Susanna had adamant that he’d been the only helper.

“A team of one,” she chuckled, adding: “It was a last minute cover-up job!”

Meanwhile, Susanna Reid recently defended Madonna against the backlash she received for her Grammys look, when the Material Girl had raged that the world “refuses to celebrate women over the age of 45”.

Susanna was quick to agree with the multi award-winning recording artist, arguing: “Frankly, do you know what? I think she should just look however she wants to look and there we go and there you have it.”

Accusing the public of “misogyny” and “ageism”, she added: “She is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t, because if she aged naturally people would still be focused and obsessed with her appearance.”

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