Susanna Reid admits she’s gained weight from eating too much cheese

Susanna Reid has opened up about her figure, admitting she's put on a few pounds thanks to snacking.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 48, said she's been eating too much cheese, which has made her gain weight after her two stone loss last year.

Writing for the Daily Mail , she admitted that it's one of the things that keeps her up at night before an early start for GMB the next day, along with worrying about adding bread to her weekly shop.

She said: "Thoughts of bread inevitably lead me to consider whether I need to lose a few pounds again, since I lost almost 2st last summer.

"And to wonder if the cheese I can’t stop eating is to blame — for weight gain and for the recent nightmares from which I wake with a start."

"Twenty minutes of this, and just as I’m finally drifting off."

In her column she also spoke about her fears that she's doing too much.

Not only does she host GMB with Piers Morgan, she is also a busy mum of three teenage boys.

Susanna described herself as: "A woman who’s giving it her all at work, but constantly feeling a little over-committed.

"Who adores her family and would do anything to give them the best in life, but sometimes struggles with the business of cooking meals and prepping school kit.

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