Super Bowl TV Deals 2021: How to Upgrade Your Home Theater Setup Before the Big Game

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What good is having people over to watch the Big Game if you’re all sandwiched awkwardly in front of a tiny TV? Upgrade your viewing experience this year by stacking up your home theater system with some of these popular picks. These units deliver bigger screens, crisper fields of vision, and wider soundscapes for way less than you think.

One of the best times to buy a new TV is the week before the Super Bowl, when manufacturers offer up both new and months-old models at deep discounts. What’s more, brands are now putting soundbars, projectors and speakers on sale as well, so consumers can put together an entire home theater package for a decent price. We’ve found brand new TVs starting at just $119.99.

Whether you’re watching the action on the field or just turning up the halftime show, here are some of the best electronics deals we’ve spotted in the lead up to Super Bowl 2021

1. Insignia 50-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV


Insignia’s got a 50-inch set that will be delivered in time for the Super Bowl priced at just $299.99. If you need a larger screen, the 65-inch model is just $469.99 — $90 cheaper than normal.

What sets this TV apart is that it’s a Fire TV, which means you can get to apps like Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+ in a flash. Insignia’s set comes with an Alexa remote, too, so you can find the videos you’re looking for with your voice.

The TV has over 8 million pixels, so you’ll be able to see the big game (and anything else) really clearly. Thanks to a technology called HDR (high dynamic range), you can expect beautiful colors, too.

All-New Insignia 50-inch Smart 4K, $299, available at Amazon

2. Hisense 70-Inch H65 4K UHD Android Smart TV

Best Buy

A 70-inch(!) 4K TV for just over $500 is an almost-unheard of deal, which is why we recommend adding this Hisense Android Smart LED TV to your cart quickly. With four times the number of pixels as a full HD display, the screen is crisp and clear, delivering more realistic images with less blurring (especially great when watching fast-paced sports or action movies).

Thanks to Google’s Android operating system, you’ll be able to watch all your favorite TV shows and Movies through built-in apps instead of connecting a media streamer. It supports HDR for life-like colors, and comes with a voice remote powered by the Google Assistant. Its speakers can even simulate surround sound thanks to a technology called DTS Virtual: X.

A giant screen, a 4K ultra high-definition display, and smart streaming capabilities, at a price that’s $120 less than usual.

Hisense UHD 4K LED TV, $529.99, available at Best Buy

3. LG CX Series OLED 4K TV

Best Buy

If you want the best of the best, the 65-inch version of LG’s CX series OLED TV is a no-brainer.

Currently $300 off, the TV uses a screen technology that makes colors look pristine. It’s a night-and-day difference compared to a traditional flat panel, and you’ll notice immediately. LG partnered with Dolby to build Atmos (surround sound audio) and ThinkIQ (automatic brightness and picture control) into the TV itself.

The result is a TV that optimizes picture quality to give you the best possible experience, regardless of what you’re watching (or playing), and the conditions of your room.

LG CX Series OLED 4K TV, $2,199, available at Best Buy

4. Optoma HD39HDR



Take the action outdoors this year with a portable projector. This one from Optima delivers a crisp 1080P viewing experience with high brightness and realistic colors thanks to HDR. The projector’s fast response time will prevent it from showing a blurry image during the action.

This HD projector can throw a massive 120-inch screen to give you the true stadium experience at home. You can project your screen onto any surface, but we recommend picking up a screen for the best results.

Plug in a Roku or Fire TV media streamer to watch the big game, and connect the projector to a set of home theater speakers for immersive sound. TV’s are great, but if you want a huge screen, nothing beats a projector. Optima knocked $249 off this model’s price making this a great deal.

Optoma HD39HDR, $750.07, available at Amazon

5. VANKYO Leisure 470


Looking for a cheaper alternative? Vankyo’s Leisure 470 is our pick. It’s bright, small (just 6.6 inches wide and 2.1 pounds), and can throw a 250-inch screen. This is a 720P HD projector, so the image won’t be quite as clear, but for $99.99 (after an Amazon coupon) it’ll be hard to beat. This projector has built-in speakers, but we still recommend plugging in a bigger ones for better sound. If you want to watch the big game on a huge screen from a device that can fit in one hand, this is the projector to get.

VANKYO Leisure 470, $129.99, available at Amazon

6. Klipsch RSB-3



Klipsch’s RSB-3 is an audiophile sound bar compact enough to fit in any home theater setup, and it’s $100 cheaper than usual. It has an integrated subwoofer for better, richer bass, and support for virtual surround sound for a wider sound stage.

You can connect the sound bar to your TV over HDMI, and it’ll automatically start sending all audio through the the RSB-3 instead of its built-in speakers. You’ll notice a big difference in sound quality, with clearer announcer voices and more realistic crowd sounds when watching sports.

At five inches tall and just under 42 inches wide, the RSB-3 will fit neatly underneath your TV set. You can also wall mount this sound bar if you want to save even more space, or have chosen to wall mount your TV. Having a big screen and relying on its built-in speakers will only give you part of the experience you want watching the Super Bowl, this sound bar can fill in the rest.

Klipsch RSB-3, $198.99, available at Amazon

7. Sony Z9F


If you have more space, and want even better sound, we recommend stepping up to Sony’s Z9F. The sound bar has an external subwoofer that will deliver even bigger bass, and has a sound mode that’s specifically optimized for sports.

Most importantly, this sound bar is capable of playing high resolution sound, which means what you hear will be cleaner and more accurate. The Z9F supports Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, so it can simulate surround sound, and its three speakers are all pointed in different directions to give you a better sense of space. The Z9F is currently $202 cheaper than normal, which makes right now a great time to pick one up.

Sony Z9F, $ 698, available at Amazon

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