Stacey Solomon shares cute pictures of baby son Rex playing on her

Stacey Solomon has shared an adorable picture of herself and her newborn.

The Loose Women presenter recently welcomed her baby boy, Rex, and has been sharing her journey with her followers on social media.

Stacey, 29, posted a cute set of snaps of Rex looking at her as he lay on her chest.

She captioned the pictures: “Tummy time. I forgot about all of the exciting things they do when they start spending more time awake!

“We played today for a good hour in between feeds and he’s even starting to try and lift up his head when he’s on my tummy!

“Aw it’s all starting to feel real now. His little personality is coming through and I’m here for it”.

Last week Stacey opened up on a different side to motherhood, as she candidly admitted she worries her boobs will “explode”.

She took to social media to reveal that having a newborn was beginning to take its toll in an honest Instagram snap.

She wrote: "Joe totally stole my baby last night to let me get some sleep and I think my boobs are going to explode."

Just days ago, Stacey was left in hysterics by her little one – after he urinated on her sister’s Jemma’s lap when she tried to change his nappy.

Stacey revealed on her Instagram that she, Jemma and Rex stopped for a break at Pizza Hut during an outing to the shops.

However, as Jemma tried to change little Rex’s nappy while he lay on her lap, he urinated all over her jeans.

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