Simon Cowell Debuts New Face, Internet Freaks TF Out!

Plastic surgery and Hollywood have always gone hand-in-hand.

It makes perfect sense, of course — and it stands to reason that an industry which places such a strong emphasis on youth and appearance would lead lots of folks to go under the knife.

Unfortunately, you rarely read articles about a star who got some really great work done.

Much more often, someone goes way too far with the nips and tucks and winds up looking like a version of themself that was sketched by a blindfolded artist using his non-dominant hand.

The latest victim of this phenomenon is billionaire karaoke judge Simon Cowell.

As you can see Cowell, is not looking like himself these days.

In fact, he’s not looking like anyone, because human beings don’t look like that.

The Cowell Situation was first called to the internet’s attention by comedian Alise Morales.

“Someone please stop working and talk to me about what in the living f–k Simon Cowell has done to his face,” she tweeted.

And with that, they were off to the races.

Instantly the sharpest wits on Twitter were attempting to outdo one another in a contest that brought to mind the time that Renee Zellwegger showed off her new face and everyone freaked out.

“His eyes look like his face is slowly eating them,” writer Dave Schilling tweeted.

“Please stop tweeting me this picture of the latest thing Simon Cowell has done to himself,” wrote UK comic Limmy.

“I used to joke about it, but now I’m just worried. I mean, look. Look at his brow, hanging down like that. He looks like he’s wearing an invisible cap. It’s so f**king sad.”

He later added:

“I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. If you get down and you don’t see the point of it all, here’s something that I hope will give you a reason for living.

“What will Simon Cowell’s face look like in 10 years from now?”

Powerful stuff.

But while the internet was yukking it up, Cowell’s fellow 2006 relic Perez Hilton offered a serious evaluation of the photo and Cowell’s unfamiliar visage:

“I’m going with: new veneers, fillers in the cheek, Botox in the forehead and a possible eye job too!”

In other words, Cowell really went all in, and the renovation did not pay off.

We might be inclined to be more sympathetic were it not for the fact that this guy has made a career out of berating and humiliating people,

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