Search for Actor Julian Sands Continued Months After Disappearance on Mt. Baldy

Julian Sands

The search for actor Julian Sands continued this weekend — after he disappeared on a hiking trip back in January — and the results were tragically familiar, with no signs.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. says they went out once again Saturday with a rescue team of about 80 volunteers — including civilians and workers … all in hopes of finding any sign of the British actor. Unfortunately, the agency says they came up empty-handed

SBSD says they used two helicopters and even drones to scour the Mt. Baldy region — where Sands was hiking at the time. Ground crews were deployed as well … but there was some tech used to reach inaccessible sections.

While it’s now June — when all the snow would presumably be gone — the Sheriff’s Dept. notes there are still portions of the mountain that are buried in powder and ice … not to mention being surrounded by steep terrain and ravines that make it difficult to navigate.

Mount Baldy

The Sheriff’s Dept. goes on to say they’ve conducted 8 separate searches — consisting of both ground and air tactics — and that their volunteer hours have crept up toward 500.

Despite not having found him yet … SBSD says Sands’ missing person’s case remains open and active — but those search efforts will continue in a limited capacity going forward.

Some members of Sands’ family have said they’ve already said their goodbyes.

julian sands

Sands is best known for movies he did in the ’80s and ’90s — including ‘Warlock,’ ‘A Room with a View,’ ‘Arachnophobia,’ ‘Boxing Helena,’ ‘Naked Lunch,’ ‘Gothic’ and many others.

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