Sam Thompson falls more in love with Zara everyday as he talks marriage and babies

It’s hard to imagine there’s anything left unticked on Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson’s bucket list.

Star on a popular reality series? Check! Host his own radio show? Check! Set to host Pride of Britain 2022's Facebook Live? Check!

And on top of this, 30-year-old Sam has also bagged his dream woman in the form of Love Island bombshell Zara McDermott, who he's been in a loved-up relationship with since 2019.

This week, we caught up with Sam as he discussed settling down with 25-year-old Zara and opens up about his excitement to take part in this year's Pride of Britain Awards live from the red carpet…

Hi Sam! How does it feel to be part of this year’s Pride of Britain Awards?

Incredible! What strikes me every year is that the recipients of these awards often appear confused as they’re receiving them, as if they don’t believe that they are worthy, which completely blows my mind. The winners and nominees don’t even realise how incredible their achievements are, so I’m so excited that I can be there to celebrate them. It’s a humbling thing to be a part of.

Made In Chelsea gave you the platform to develop your career. Are you grateful to the show?

I can’t thank Chelsea enough for giving me the spotlight, which in turn has handed me so many incredible opportunities.

Do you have any regrets about your time on MIC?

Well, I originally joined the show at 20 because I was a bartender who wanted to get into nightclubs for free! I had no idea I’d fallen into my dream job. But you grow up pretty quickly when you’re a youngster on TV. I had my first date on-screen, my first relationship, I got dumped for the first time on national television – and I absolutely wouldn’t have changed a second from my time on Chelsea. It gave me the life I have now, both in a professional and a personal capacity. So I’ve got no regrets and, above all else, it’s given me a second family – a huge other group of people who love and care about me – which is really nice.

Do you ever watch yourself back on the show?

Absolutely! And I can’t wait for my kids to see it. They’re going to be able to watch their 20-yearold dad leaning in for a kiss and getting swerved – multiple times. Who else can say they can show that to their children? It’s great.

Your Made In Chelsea friends Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo are getting married. Are you in charge of the stag do?

Am I in charge? Ha, I couldn’t book a flight, mate! I think I’ll have some influence over the plans, but Jamie definitely won’t let me decide anything on my own. In all seriousness, they couldn’t be more suited to each other. Jamie is one of my best mates and always has been – so I’m over the moon for them. I cannot wait to hear what he has planned for the big day because he’s always been a pretty extravagant guy.

How are things going with Zara?

Amazing! She really is one hell of a woman. Seeing her career go from strength to strength, with all these documentaries and TV shows and campaigns, makes me so unbelievably proud. I used to think that the longer you’re with someone, there’s a higher chance of becoming too comfortable with one another and a bit too settled, but with Zara it’s the complete opposite. I’m constantly discovering new things about her that make me fall in love with her more. It’s so cool. Her passion is so attractive.

You’ve spoken about being trolled since appearing on TV. How does it affect you?

I mean, who doesn’t feel hurt when someone calls you a d**k? There are always going to be people who don’t like you or don’t appreciate what you do and that’s OK. But I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t get to me when I see comments tearing down my character or threatening to hurt me. Yet you can’t go through life taking what these people say to heart because you’d spend your life beating yourself up or feeling scared. Move on and don’t give them the time of day.

Join Sam as he hosts Pride of Britain’s Live From The Red Carpet on Monday from 5pm @prideofbritain on Facebook and Instagram. The Pride of Britain Awards will be broadcast on 27 October, 8pm, ITV.


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