'RHOA' Star Claudia Jordan Offers Step-By-Step Breakup Advice to Miley Cyrus (Exclusive)

“The people that don’t like you are going to remind you that you failed at something.”

As a member of the Divorce After One Year Club — Claudia Jordan has some advice for newest recruit Miley Cyrus.

"Stay off social media," the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" star directed on Sunday.

Over the weekend fans were shocked to learn Miley and husband Liam Hemsworth were calling it quits after less than eight months of marriage.

In June 2010, Jordan filed to annul her November 2009 marriage to Datari Turner, claiming he had a secret girlfriend the entire time.

"I had a quick marriage too," the former "Deal Or No Deal" model said. "It’s still hurts even if it’s, you know, a year, or ten years. It’s still hard because you feel like it’s failure… but I think it’s harder for celebrities because everyone has to remind you about it and make fun. The people that don’t like you are going to remind you that you failed at something."

Jordan also emphasized that alcohol was important: "Get some good girl friends, go on a trip, bottle of wine. She’ll be good."

Jordan claimed she’s a pro at helping people get over failed relationships, and called on Miley to hit her up — as they have each other’s phone numbers — and even offered her a slot on her dedicated seven-day break-up bootcamp.

"Okay day one, I listen to her be sad about it, whatever. ‘Oh, he was great’," she explained.

"And then it’s like: ‘He don’t know what he lost.’ Then it’s: ‘He was intimidated.’ Girls — you always tell your friends he was intimidated."

"Then you trash him a little bit. And then you get positive after that. Go on a trip. And then you take amazing pictures that you know will annoy the f–k out of your ex. That’s the key."

She advised taking a lot of risque, this-is-what-you’re-missing photos, that maybe make it seem like there’s another guy there… "but there most likely is not."

"Maybe post a picture of two drinks, and don’t show who you’re with. You do stuff like that," she admitted. "But then sometimes you never know. It could be true it could be not. It’s playing mind games with your ex. Make them regret it."

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