Princess Diana’s Brother Shared a Rare Throwback Photo of His Sister as a Young Child

Princess Diana’s younger brother, Charles Spencer, shared a sentimental throwback photo from the siblings’ childhood on Twitter Saturday.

In the photo, which Charles posted without a caption or description, a young Diana, wearing a pink gingham-print dress, posed with her arm around her little brother, who wore a preppy polo and matching blue shorts. In addition to Charles, Diana had two sisters, Sarah and Jane Spencer.

The 9th Earl Spencer’s throwback post comes just days after he publicly called out the BBC for using illegitimate documents to help secure the network’s explosive interview with the late princess 25 years ago, according to People. During that interview, Diana dropped her now-infamous quote claiming that there were “three” individuals inside her marriage, alluding to Prince Charles’s infidelity with his now wife, Duchess Camilla.

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