Prince William and Kate Middleton Probably Won't Be Included in the Queen's Exclusive Christmas Bubble

The royal family’s holiday plans are going to look a little, by which I mean a lot, different this year. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic making it unsafe to gather in large groups, the Queen and her family won’t be able to have their traditional Christmas in Sandringham—which typically involves all Her Majesty’s kids and grandkids gathering for a long celebratory vacation filled with outfit changes and fancy walks.

Instead, it looks like Queen Elizabeth will choose just a few members of her family to be in a “bubble” with her for the holiday—and William and Kate probably won’t make the cut this year due to their kids (who have been at school) posing a health risk.

“They will sort it out between them; it will be about what’s practical,” a source tells the Daily Telegraph (via the Mirror), adding that the risk of exposing the Queen to school-age children is “clearly” being considered.

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Christmas at Sandringham should be interesting either way, as it was previously reported by The Express’ royal correspondent Richard Palmer that there is a “staff revolt over attempts to make them isolate from their families.” Oh, and apparently the Queen was “furious” after she found out workers were refusing to isolate in order to “be able to join a small bubble of close aides serving the monarch over Christmas.”

Just your classic/normal holiday problems, nothing to see here!

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