Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice to take Queens corgis Muick and Sandy

On Thursday evening it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II had sadly passed away at the age of 96.

The last thoughts on many people's minds at that time would have been where her darling dogs would be rehomed.

However, three days on, it has been confirmed that Prince Andrew, the Queen's third child, and his daughter Princess Beatrice are to take care of at least two corgis.

Namely, the two corgis they gave to the Queen in 2021 after the death of Prince Philip.

It was understood that Her Majesty had resisted taking on new dogs in recent years because she did not want to leave any behind after her death.

However, she only accepted the dogs – named Muick and Sandy – on the condition that Andrew or Beatrice would eventually care for them after her passing.

According to the Daily Mail, Andrew and Beatrice have been taking the dogs for walks in recent months as the Queen suffered from ill health.

Candy, the Queen’s last surviving dorgi – a cross between a dachshund and corgi – is also likely to join both Muick and Sandy in their new home as the dogs are used to each other’s company.

If Candy is to be separated from its doggy siblings then it's likely a member of staff will be asked to care for it.

Reportedly, in the past when the Queen had bred litters of puppies there had always been great competition amongst staff to acquire one.

The fate of another of the late Queen’s dogs, Lissy, whose pedigree name is Wolferton Drama, and is the current Kennel Club cocker spaniel gundog champion, has not yet been decided.

Lissy, named after the late Queen, currently lives with her trainer Ian Openshaw. It's thought that King Charles III will make a decision on her future in the coming weeks.

The Queen would also breed gundogs at her Sandringham estate. Although the King has now inherited the Norfolk estate there is yet to be any confirmation that he will keep the breeding kennels.

During her lifetime, the Queen owned at least 30 corgis, made up of ten generations of puppies descended from Susan, the corgi given to her as an 18th birthday present from her father, the late King George VI.

Many around her also believe that she was the inventor of the 'dorgi' when in 1971 her corgi, Tiny, crossed with her sister, Princess Margret's, dachshund, Pipkin.

It's also reported that her dogs were treated as the royalty they were with their own room.

The dogs would ofted be treated to meals of beef, chicken, rabbit, liver, cabbage and rice, which were usually prepared by a chef.

Although the Queen was a lover of dogs her darling Prince Philip wasn't of the same opinion.

It's said that he "loathed" the dogs’ yapping and in 1989 it was reported that an animal behaviour expert was called in to cure the corgis from their habit of nipping members of the Royal Family.


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