Pamela Anderson’s Son Chases Intruder Out of Home with Golf Club, Records It All on Video

Something really scary happened at Brandon Thomas Lee‘s house.

The 24-year-old actor and model, who is the son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, revealed on Instagram that a man broke into his house and he chased him out with a golf club.

“This guy full on BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and then sneaks up on me in my kitchen, starts screaming at me, and after tries to tell me that he thought I was a lawyer he knew…. so I had to show him my good ol 7 iron,” Brandon wrote on Instagram.

In the video, Brandon screams at the man, “If you ever come into my f–king house again, I will beat your f–king skull in.”

The alleged intruder says in response, “Dude, I thought you were the lawyer that I know.”

Brandon replied, “Who the f–k? Do I look like a f–king lawyer? Get the f–k out of here!”

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