P. Diddy Handing Out Cash to Strangers During Strip Club Outing With Lori Harvey

The second-richest hip-hop recording artist of 2018 causes quite a scene as he’s passing out money to people on the street when he’s leaving Magic City in Atlanta with Steve Harvey’s daughter.

AceShowbizP. Diddy was being extra generous when he visited a strip club with his rumored on-and-off girlfriend Lori Harvey. The hip-hop mogul was seen handing out a stack of cash to strangers when he’s leaving Magic City in Atlanta on Saturday night, September 14.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the 49-year-old rapper caused chaos as he’s surrounded by people on the street who hoped to taste his kindness. Some bodyguards and security members were seen trying to get the crowd under control before escorting him to his car.

Diddy hopped into a white Bentley, but stopped short of leaving when they realized that Lori was not with him. The 22-year-old socialite was not left behind though, as she was in the Rolls-Royce following Diddy’s car. His team then quickly reunited the couple as Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter was seen being whisked into his car.

Diddy did not only visited the strip club with Lori, but also his son Justin Combs, which was strange considering Justin was previously rumored dating Lori. The three, however, didn’t seem awkward at all and were seen comfortably hanging out together inside the club.

“I’m starting to think she never dealt with Justin in that way… cause I REFUSE to believe she could really get down like that,” someone commented on the three’s outing. Another speculated about their relationships, “I’m starting to think diddy and lori been had a thing and his son was a cover up.”

Diddy recently debunked rumors that Lori was pregnant with his child. The couple sparked the speculation after he was spotted rubbing her belly during their trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Sources revealed to TMZ that the gesture was just “playful” one. He reportedly claimed he was “just playing” when he reached out for Lori’s midsection and was complimenting her strong abs instead.

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