No reason! Ulrika Jonsson, 55, hits out at dating app after shes banned from platform

Ulrika Jonsson discusses marriage and divorce on Lorraine

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Ulrika Jonsson has taken to Instagram to hit out at a dating app after revealing she had been banned from the platform. The mother-of-four, 55, fumed at the outcome as she took to her stories to vent and dispute the ban.

No reason

Ulrika Jonsson

In view of her 202,000 followers, the Celebs Go Dating star raged after dating app Hinge banned her account from the platform.

The notice read: “Your account has been removed.

“You have been banned from using Hinge for violating our terms of service.”

Hitting back, Ulrika told the app that they should ban the “catfishes” she’s come across, rather than herself.

She wrote: “Nice one @hinge.

“No reason.

“Maybe you should spend a bit more time banning the countless catfish I’ve had to endure).”

The TV star has been open about finding love again and revealed she had previously joined dating app Tinder.

However, the star found that her profile had been removed from that platform too.

“I just woke up and was told I’d been banned.

“I suspect it’s that someone reported me for impersonating Ulrika Jonsson,” she told The Sun.

Since her three marriages, Ulrika has been vocal about her decision to date younger.

Earlier this year, the Swedish TV personality recalled an encounter with a man almost three decades her junior.

Ulrika has insisted her recent encounter with a 26-year-old was “wholly accidental” after forgetting to set an age limit on a dating app.

She admitted her love interest was the same age as her son, something she had previously sworn against.

Writing in her column, she explained: “I couldn’t understand why all these young men seemed to be coming my way.

“I suppose 95 per cent of the men I have dated in the past year have been in their mid-twenties.

“For some bizarre reason — perhaps some pretension of still clinging on to a morsel of morality — I made the arbitrary decision to not date anyone who was younger than my oldest son, who has since turned 27.”

She added to The Sun: “To that end, the youngest encounter I had last year was 26. (See, I do have some morals.)”

Ulrika added that the choice for women to date a younger man can be “electrifying” and is the “shake-up” some women need in their lives.

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