Nicola Peltz’s 26th Birthday Gift From Brooklyn Beckham Is So Sentimental

Grab a box of tissues and wrap yourself in your most comforting blankie because Nicola Peltz’s 26th birthday gift from Brooklyn Beckham is a tear-jerker. In honor of his bride-to-be’s special day, Brooklyn got the name of her late grandmother, "Gina," tattooed on his arm. Nicola posted a picture of her fiancé’s new ink to her Instagram stories on Jan. 11 and paired it with the caption "best birthday gift." She appropriately topped the caption off with the eyes welling up with tears emoji.

Brooklyn’s gift was especially sentimental considering the fact that Nicola’s grandmother actually passed away on Nicola’s birthday last year (Jan. 9, 2020).

On Jan. 9, 2021, Nicola posted a tribute to her late grandmother to her Instagram grid. "I cant believe it’s been a year since you left earth," she wrote alongside two incredibly sweet pictures of her grandmother, both featuring her posing with roses. "I will forever miss you and I wish so badly you could come visit me. I still don’t understand why you left on my birthday and I hope I can understand one day. Today will always be for you. Every time I see a rose I know you’re here with me."

Beckham commented on her post, "Beautiful heart, beauty soul, beautiful person ❤️❤️❤️."

Gina passed away just a few months before her granddaughter announced she was engaged to Beckham on July 11, 2020. "You’ve made me the luckiest girl in the world," Peltz wrote at the time, alongside a picture of herself and Beckham kissing in a field. "I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. your love is the most precious gift. I love you so so much baby and thank you harper for this pic ?."

In addition to the tattoo tribute to her grandmother, Beckham honored Peltz on her birthday by posting a montage video featuring pictures of them throughout their relationship alongside this wonderfully sappy caption:

OK, wrapping this up so I can take a minute to properly wipe my tears away.

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