Nicki Minaj Seeking Mall Security Who Let Fan Rap 'Whole Lotta Money'

Nicki Minaj sure does appreciate the fan love she receives — but she loves it even more when her adoring base can worship her uninterrupted … for which one mall security guard is getting a personal shout-out from the Barbz herself.

The rapper reposted a video originally shared by TikTok user @zhachanel2 … in which they take an impromptu karaoke sesh — with a new song NM is featured on, “Whole Lotta Money,” — right into a designer fashion store in a what appears to be a mall somewhere in NYC.

So, imagine a Times Square street performer busting into a Zara or something and literally cutting loose with a portable speaker. That’s what happened here, and that’s when security stepped in to shut it down … well, kinda. The dude half tried, but didn’t seem to care.

Check it out … he tells Zha and their photog that they can’t be “doing that” in here — but he makes no real attempt to stop it … instead, choosing to walk and throw his hands up.

Nicki loved the fact that the dude let the show go on … taking to IG to write in part, “it’s the security guard sayin “y’all can’t do that in here” while walking AWAY from the festivities chile I am TIDE,” going on to explain that the whole interaction was absolutely hilarious to her.

Queen Nicki wasn’t done there though … she followed up with another message on her story, and it sounds like she wants to hook the guard up for not being a jerk and letting Zha do the damn thang.

She says, “Someone tell the security guard in that video I posted that I’m lookin for him.” Nicki adds, “I wanna send him a gift for being such a sweetheart to one of my babies.”

We’re sure the internet will track the guy down to relay the message. But, this just goes to show … a little kindness goes a long way. And, someone’s always watching. 👀

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