Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Elon Musk is a Modern Day Thomas Edison

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the smartest guys out there, and he’s now weighed in on who he thinks is one of the world’s great visionaries … and he’s squarely Team Musk.

We got Neil at the Reagan National Airport Friday, where he compared the Tesla honcho to perhaps the most imaginative person in the history of our country — Thomas Edison.

Mind you … Neil doesn’t co-sign on every one of Elon‘s ideas. In fact, he thinks some are pie in the sky, but he says Elon dreams big, and that’s when big things are bound to happen.

Tyson also has words for the place we call home … AKA a “f***ed up” planet. He does, however, think there’s a ray of hope with NASA’s recent mission crashing into an asteroid.

Neil grouses … if only dinosaurs had a little vision, they might be alive today.

And, that’s a good thing?

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