More Than 100 Employees At Colorado Ski Resort Test Positive For COVID-19!

This just goes to show the pandemic is not over, despite however much certain celebrities may be traveling and acting as though things are back to normal right now…

Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado just released a joint statement with the state’s Grand County Public Health Department confirming that at least 109 of their employees at the ski resort have tested positive for COVID-19. That’s CRAZY!

The joint statement, which confirmed the tests that were first reported and analyzed back on Monday, announced that the ski resort would be addressing the outbreak with and cooperating in tandem with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment going forward.

In their joint statement, the organizations noted (below):

“Through case investigations, it has been determined that these cases have not been traced back to transmission through interaction with visitors but, rather, from social gatherings outside of the workplace and congregate housing.”


The ski resort’s communications manager Jen Miller also delivered a statement as part of the announcement and joint release, saying:

“It is important to remember that it is every individual’s personal and professional responsibility to make the right decisions and hold each other to the safest standards possible. Please continue to take preventative measures to protect yourself and others … We did extensive planning and had to get approval from the state on our operations before we could open on December 3.”

And yet still, here we are.

All organizations involved have now vowed to better monitor the COVID-19 outbreak here and any possible future ones very closely. That means daily testing and a commitment to “further investigate changes” over the next two incubation periods — 28 days total — until there are no new recorded outbreaks among staff members and employees.

Winter Park is one of the most well-known and most popular ski resorts in Colorado, so it’s clearly of major concern regarding tourists who may potentially be trying to come into the area to ski and snowboard for the rest of the winter season. According to numbers published in People, the ski resort has at least 1,700 active employees.

Just consider this another very important reminder about how the pandemic is a serious thing that must continue to be taken seriously! Even with major vaccine roll-out right around the corner, we aren’t out of the woods quite yet until we get hundreds of millions of people vaccinated!

Keep being smart, y’all. We’re almost there!!!

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