Miley Cyrus Shares A Heartbreaking Tribute To Her ‘Best Friend’

Singer Miley Cyrus is mourning the loss of her 10-year-old pit bull mix, whom she named Mary Jane after her affinity for, well, pot (via Hollywood Life). The star shared a tribute to her four-legged “angel” and “best friend” via Instagram, writing, “Anyone who knows me & it doesn’t have to be well is aware that my best friend in the whole world is a rescued pit bull mix named Mary Jane.”

Sadly, the pooch, nicknamed MJ, had been suffering with cancer for a year. Cyrus went on to share in her post, “I was told it’d be an uncertain amount of time until she’s gone. Advised to spend every second savoring her special spirit… which wasn’t anything new. I had been for 10 years.” Sniff. No — we aren’t crying — you are crying!

Cyrus, who reportedly resuced Mary Jane with her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, added this bittersweet sentiment to her post, “She is no longer hurting but I am. That’s what love is” (via People).

Miley Cyrus also shared a song she penned for Mary Jane

A heartbroken Cyrus took to Instagram again to share a song she wrote about her beloved companion, captioning a slideshow of images of herself with Mary Jane, “I wrote this song in Malibu years ago on a piano in a house that no longer exists. About my dog Mary Jane who is also gone now.” Of course, the star is referring to how her former home with Hemsworth burned down (via Insider).

Clearly Cyrus is going through a deeply introspective time, with her post going on to note, “A lot has changed over time. Mostly me.” She also shared, “Music is my medicine. This song revolves around loss & heartache. Which I am currently experiencing after Mary Jane’s passing.”

Finally, the 28-year-old called her departed pet a “true queen” who passed with dignity like she had in life. She ended her thoughts about Mary Jane by writing, “It has been my honor being her mom and best friend.”

Miley, we feel your pain, along with every other person who has been fortunate enough to have an angel pet in their lives. Their memories go on despite them not being by your side every day.

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