Meet Sharon Rabi, the physicist who turned a bad haircut into a multi-million euro beauty empire

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Sharon Rabi

Rabi, a 32-year-old mother-of-three, is quite literally the brains behind an innovative new hair invention. A trained physicist and electric engineer, she became frustrated with the lack of effective, convenient hair products for women on the go – and so she invented it.

She was prompted to apply her skills to a practical device after failing to find the suitable product for her, her naturally frizzy hair was exacerbated after getting her hair styled and caught in a rain shower.

“It’s where the knowledge is. I had a really short haircut that was terrible for me and I started using flat irons and I saw the patents for flatirons were first made in 1909; so I designed my own product,” she explains.

Since launching in 2016, the DAFNI range is now stocked in 15 countries around the world and most recently, she moved into the Irish market, eager to capitalise on the fact that Irish women are among the biggest beauty consumers in the world. Her latest product, a twist on her best-selling hair straightening brush, is the Allure, a pocket-sized battery operated tool that fits in your purse, which retails for €159.

Sharon is the epitome of a millennial entrepreneur: lacking the capital to pursue formal advertising, she recorded a demonstration video of her using her own products on Facebook and within 24 hours, it clocked up more than 100 million views and made her an overnight sensation in her native Israel and beyond.

She and her father Kobi, also an engineer, teamed up to create a prototype of the DAFNI, but pursued their work after working hours. “We tried to for three and a half years while developing DAFNI from my parents’ basement. We are a normal family and we took a big financial risk,” she said.

“I actually do my whole head in less than three minutes,” she says proudly.

A new survey of 1,252 Irish women showed that more than half of the women surveyed say they struggle to style their hair daily and 19% carry a styling tool in their big at all times.

DAFNI Allure is stocked at Peter Mark hair salons nationwide

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