Mark Labbett: The Beast star ‘struggling to avoid coming last’ on US version of The Chase

The Chase: Mark Labbett gets his first two questions wrong

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Mark Labbett, 56, has shared his doubts that he is “the best chaser” across the pond after being praised by a fan of the US version of the ITV show. The Beast admitted that although he has always been successful as a chaser in the UK, he is “struggling to avoid coming last” after joining the new series stateside.

He put his struggles down to the challenges of taking on an “American based trivia set”, which is less familiar to him.

The quizzer made the candid admission after joining the ABC channel’s programme alongside 36-year-old James Holzhauer, 47-year-old Ken Jennings, and 43-year-old Brad Rutter, who are his fellow chasers on the show.

Mark opened up on finding his role as a chaser more difficult in America when James teased Ken about being the “second best chaser”.

He quipped to Ken on Twitter: “Keep your head up, tryouts for the role of Second Best Chaser are still ongoing.”

A viewer then weighed in on the duo’s conversation by suggesting that Mark “will always take gold as the best chaser”.

They wrote to James: “Yes James I can see you and @KenJennings go compete for silver because @MarkLabbett will always take gold as the best chaser. Period!”

However, Mark was quick to issue a modest response to the fan.

He replied: “Don’t write cheques that I have to cash bud. 


“I have no illusions that on a American based trivia set I am struggling to avoid coming last, but it is a struggle I relish.”(sic)

The American version of The Chase is hosted by Sara Haines.

Mark has been popular with its viewers since the series launched this summer.

A source said of his career move: “ABC poached him earlier this year because they felt the current Chaser panel was missing a bit of spark.

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“After a screen test, they discovered Mark polled incredibly well with US audiences – and he was offered the gig on the spot.

“They reckon Mark could become one of the biggest UK exports in recent times.”

American viewers have flocked to Twitter to credit Mark in his new role.

One person gushed: “So glad Mark is back on the show. It’s definitely better WITH him.”

Another added: “The Beast makes the show great.  Luv his sarcasm, wit and brain. Contestants were terrific tonight.”(sic)

A third fan commented: “Looking great beast.”

A fourth tweeted: “Bring on the Beast!!”

Despite his success in the US, Mark is expected to continue with his role as a chaser in the UK. 

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