Maisie Williams flashes the flesh while playing punk rock icon Jordan Mooney in Pistol’

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Maisie Williams, 25, plays the platinum-haired punk rock legend, Jordan Mooney, in Danny Boyle’s new series, Pistol, which explores the origins of the Sex Pistols in the 1970s.  

Jordan was described as “the first Sex Pistol” as her statement fashion, bold eye-makeup and blonde bouffant hairdo made her an icon of her time.

Maisie’s topless scenes will open the second episode of the series

Sporting Jordan’s staple black eyeliner and big hair, Maisie rides a bicycle on a public road.

As the camera zooms out, it becomes apparent that Maisie is wearing nothing underneath the clear raincoat-esque top.

In a further homage to Jordan, Maisie looked every inch the rocker in some skin-tight leather trousers and white heeled boots.

Jordan, whose real name is Pamela Rooke, sadly died last month aged 66 after a short battle with bile duct cancer.

Pistol is available to watch now on Disney+.

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