Looking for a Better Salary? These Job Sites Will Help You Jump into a Higher-Paying Job Fast

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No matter what industry you work in, life overall has become more expensive lately. With rising rates of inflation and a potential recession looming on the horizon, you might be left feeling like your current position isn’t giving you the salary or the benefits you need to adapt to the times. Or you might be later on in your career and looking to take the next step into a position with more responsibility (and higher pay).

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for how to find the highest paying jobs on the market, you’d be surprised to find that you don’t have to be a part of some exclusive networking association or try to navigate rising within the ranks of your own company. There are several job boards online that share a number of positions with higher-than-average salaries. Some of these jobs are already in high-paying industries (thinking medicine, science, and engineering), but others don’t necessarily require higher education or having had previous experience in the industry, such as with sales.

Job hunting online has changed drastically over the past decade, so even on more general job sites that host a wide variety of listings, there are options where you can utilize keyword searches and sliding salary scales to search for the position that best matches your desired range.

You can certainly pay for career development courses online, spruce up your resume, and read blog posts for helpful job-hunting tips. These are all important tools in your career advancement arsenal, but half the battle is how you present yourself as a candidate. The other half using the right job board where you’ll actually be able to find where the industry-specific, higher-end positions are.

We’ve compiled a roundup of the best websites to find high-salary jobs, so you can finally make that leap to higher earning. Not that some of these websites do require a paid membership, but some of them are either free or offer free trials.

1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is our favorite site for finding high-paying jobs online, thanks to a few key functions that help streamline your job-hunting process. Not only can you search by specific keywords and locations, on the employer side of things, ZipRecruiter uses a powerful matching algorithm and AI technology to create instant matches between you and companies that compensate well. This makes it especially helpful if you’re already in a senior management position, and need to be connected to companies looking to fill those kinds of positions.

Using information about your skills (such as education, skills, and experience), it can connect you with thousands of businesses online through their browser site, mobile app, and email program. You can also sign up to receive notifications when your resume is viewed, and emails from recruiters if a job listing that matches your profile pops up. ZipRecruiter’s salary search tool also gives you transparency on what employees in similar positions are making based on location and title.

Best part: you sign up and create a ZipRecruiter account for free.

2. Glassdoor

If you’ve done your research and have a specific company in mind you want to apply at, we recommend you check out Glassdoor. You can visit each company’s Glassdoor profile to read reviews from current and former employees, as well as get advice on their interview practices. They also have the most comprehensive database of employee salary information out of any job site online. They have over 10 million listings, and easy-to-use salary filters so you can find companies that pay in the six figures.

Once you create a profile, you can upload your resume and receive curated job listings via email for free. Each job listing not only gives you information about the specific position and how to apply, but also lets you see information about the company, employee reviews, an overview of salary and benefits, and more.

3. Ladders

The Ladders is a site specifically focused on listing six-figure salary jobs for potential job seekers — they’re even known as “the home of $100K careers”, with vetted listings that must pay at least $100,000 a year.

If you’re an experienced manager, Ladders is an ideal choice because it not only functions as a traditional job board, but as a networking platform and newsroom on industry-specific careers. The database encapsulates a variety of sectors, from finance to digital marketing, and for major companies such as Google and Morgan Stanley. Note that while some listings are free to apply to, others require a paid plan for $25 a month.

The basic membership will still allow you to create a profile and be found by potential employers, but the premium plan is where you can really get a leg up. The premium subscription allows you to see how you rank compared to other job seekers in terms of education, experience, and current salary range.

4. 100k Crossing

With over 2.2 million jobs and thousands more being added weekly, 100k Crossing has one of the largest databases of six-figure salary jobs online. They cast a wide net for their job aggregation, from job openings on employer career pages, to government organizations, nonprofits, and even other popular job boards.

The site is completely free to use for job seekers, and is a convenient resource when you’re trying to centralize your search and apply all on one platform. 100k Crossing takes a lot of the search out of trying to find six-figure jobs online, but because it’s such a large job board like Indeed, you might find yourself becoming easily overwhelmed. That being said, if you want to bulk-apply fast, or just want a general sense of what’s out there, this is the platform for you.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, while mainly functioning as a professional social networking site, has the right tools to help you find your next high-paying position specifically because of its history in making connections.

One perk is that you can directly connect with recruiters from the companies you’re interested in applying to by adding them to your virtual network, or shooting them a message through InMail. LinkedIn’s premium membership also allows you to see who’s viewed your profile recently, as well as giving you insights on the other applicants who’ve applied to the same listings you’ve applied for.

Your LinkedIn profile is not only free to make, but is essentially your digital resume, so if you optimize it well enough, recruiters will be able to better find you through search. They might even message you directly about specific job opportunities. With 810 million users from around the world and in various industries, this is the best site for making connections that will lead you to your next six-figure job.

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