Logan Browning Says ‘Dear White People’ Season 3 Will Bring Big Changes!

Logan Browning flashes a smile with co-stars Antoinette Robertson and Ashley Blaine Featherson while attending a special screening and conversation panel for their hit Netflix series Dear White People held at the 92nd Street Y on Monday (July 29) in New York City.

The three ladies were joined at the event by the show’s creator-writer-director Justin Simien as they teased the third season of Dear White People, which will be hitting the streaming service on August 2.

“You’re still going to follow all of the characters you love but I think what’s going to be exciting for everyone about season three is these characters that seem peripheral, like Kelsey, Al, Clifton, Abigail, they have stories,” Logan Browning said of the upcoming season. “So each episode is going to be more shifting perspectives throughout each episode. You’re not going to be able to go, ‘That’s a Sam episode! That’s a Joelle episode!’ You’re going to go, ‘I think that was a Sam episode because she looked at me at the end, but we were really following Brooke for most of it.’ And no love lost for the characters you love either. You still see them and they still have their storylines. The players get to comingle more. You never would see Sam and Brooke talking and we’re together a lot this season.”

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