Lena Dunham Makes London Fashion Week Debut For 16Arlington

Lena Dunham hits the runway in a chic short dress for the 16Arlington show during 2020 London Fashion Week on Friday (February 14) in London, England.

The 33-year-old entertainer was just one of the women who are “doing something positive in the world”.

Designer Marco Capaldo shared that “for us it’s about working with women who really inspire us on a daily basis, and what sets these girls apart is that they’re all doing something positive in the world and changing it for the better” with Evening Standard.

He also added that Lena was one of the people they wanted to be in the show.

“[She’s] really passionate about fashion but has fun with it – and that’s how we feel about it too. We always knew that once we were confirmed for the show schedule that she’d be the person we’d ask, and when we did she was so excited.”

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