Lauren Hammersley husband: Is the Virgin River Charmaine actress married?

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Lauren Hammersley is a photographer and actress who rose to fame starring as Charmaine in Virgin River. Her character in the Netflix series is the former girlfriend of Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson), and she shows antagonistic traits. has all you need to know about whether the actress is married in real life.

Is Lauren Hammersley married?

Actress Hammersley began her career aged 12 when she starred in an advert for Fantastic Sand Surprises.

She took some time out from the world of acting to pursue a career in photography, and she is still very passionate about taking photos.

Hammersley started acting again in 2002 when she starred in episodes of John Doe and Single White Spenny.

She also had a role in the film Bloody Mary in 2006, but she became known for taking on a main role in the series Mr D, between 2012 and 2018.

The actress, who is in her late 40s, had a recurring role in Orphan Black before joining the cast of Virgin River for the first season in 2019.

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Hammersley has given very little away about her private life, but fans have been able to get some insight through her Instagram account.

Right now she has been working on creating a stunning home in Nova Scotia – a province in Canada.

She has also shared plenty of photos of her adorable dogs and her adventures with friends.

There is nothing to suggest she is married or in a relationship right now, as the star is understandably keeping her relationship status private.

The Canadian actress is dedicated to her work and she also makes plenty of time for outdoor activities.

The star is also on Twitter and her bio says: “When I’m not acting, I fill my time with activities that prevent me from listening to my own thoughts and making things no one wants to buy.”

Again, there is nothing on her profile to suggest she is married or in a relationship.

Fans of Virgin River are expecting her to appear in the upcoming season three, as she is due to give birth to Jack’s twins.

There has been speculation over whether the babies really are Jack’s, with some viewers believing it is a trick to get Jack to stay with Charmaine.

In the series, she believed Jack was in love with her, when really he had been looking for a casual relationship.

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When Jack met Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), his new love interest, Charmaine grew jealous and fought for Jack’s affections.

She had planned to run away with her babies once they were born, so viewers will have to wait and see if she sticks to her plan.

Hammersley’s fans have mixed opinions over her character, as she is the one everybody loves to hate.

One said on Twitter: “I hate Charmaine but I love Lauren Hammersley”, with another saying: “My recommendation for really entertaining series is Virgin River, which tells of a small town in the Pacific NW that gets a new nurse practitioner to the town practice. Especially follow the incomparable Lauren Hammersley.”

The series is based on the books by Robyn Carr, but Charmaine’s role is only very small in the source material.

In the books, she only appears at the beginning when Mel first arrives in Virgin River and falls for Jack.

Once Jack breaks up with Charmaine, she leaves the story quietly, without a fuss.

With this in mind, Hammersley fans were excited to see her take on a major role in the series, especially the upcoming season.

Back in December 2020, she revealed to viewers how season three was in the making, saying: “Just making a little announcement that you might have already heard.

“It’s official, Virgin River season three is happening, so I just wanted to thank you personally for all of your passion towards this show and thank you so much for supporting it and watching it.”

Virgin River is on Netflix now

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