Kyle Richards Reveals She Got a Nose Job Last Year After Fans Noticed Something Different About Her

Kyle Richards has addressed fans concerns about her appearance, as they hypothesized she had gotten some type of plastic surgery to her face.

Turns out they were right and the 51-year-old Real Housewives star did have a nose job recently.

“Since so many of you were speculating what I did or did not do to my face…here is your answer. I fixed my nose,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories on Friday. “I broke it last September and the bone poking out bothered me.”

Kyle adds that on top of fixing the bone, the surgery also “fixed my breathing problems and refined the top. I will always tell you guys the truth. I do think some of the comments on my posts are funny though.”

She had also shared follow up images of what her nose looked like the previous year up until the final result.

Kyle adds that procedure wasn’t painful for her and it gave her an excuse to sit at home for five days and catch up on a few movies she hadn’t seen.

Just last month, Kyle opened up about a theory that her mom’s stolen ring was spotted on the hands of someone in another celebrity’s Instagram. See what happened here…

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