Kim Kardashian Thinks Pete Davidson Is “Super Sexy” and Loves That He “Knows So Much About Comedy”

Attention, everyone still in a state of ??? and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ with a side of 🥴 over Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship: Sources are shedding some light on their general vibe, and apparently, Kim is straight-up smitten.

I mean, okay! Sounds like things are working well too, because Kim and Pete just went on a romantic beach vacation together and they’ve been dating for almost three months at this point. However, the source notes that Kim is still “just going with the flow,” although “they are spending so much time together, and things are really good right now.”

Psst: When it comes to Kanye West, the insider notes he’s just trying to move on. “Kanye still isn’t too thrilled by Pete and Kim’s relationship but is doing his best to stay distracted, busy, and fulfilled with his own life.”

And speaking of Ye being busy, he’s newly dating actor Julia Fox and they seem, um, really into each other. Like, just gonna go ahead and leave this here:

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