Kim Kardashian Finds A Big 2020 Mood In Photo Of Penelope Smacking North!

2020 is the year of the absurdist tragedy, the comic-book villainy in politics, and of course the year all of the fighting we’re doing with our loved ones over freakin’ facts put us way behind on defeating a global pandemic.

While it may not look like Kim Kardashian West is feeling the squeeze like most of us — certainly not at an economic level — she isn’t so far out of touch that she can’t still put her finger on the pulse.

She proved it with a hilarious observation on Sunday, posting a photo of niece Penelope Disick looking terrified and as a result just smacking the hell out her own daughter, North West.

The two are normally BFFs, so the pic was big mood, as Kim so aptly pointed out, writing:

“2020 as a photo

Ha! Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

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Fear and anguish? Check. Family members fighting? Check. The extravagantly wealthy doing nothing to help? Check.

Yep, that’s 2020 alright! Good one, Kim!

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